gb.M4L.launchpad abstractions

A set of abstractions that helps you patch custom Max For Live devices for the launchpad and launchpad S.

  • gb.M4L.launchpad helps you get the device assigned as control surface.
  • gb.M4L.launchpadGetPads reports the pads presses in list format
  • gb.M4L.launchpadLightMatrix allows to light le leds of the matrix button
  • gb.M4L.observe reports button presses (an is a usefull tool in M4L in general).
  • gb.M4L.launchpadLightButton allows to light the leds of the buttons.
  • gb.M4L.callSendValue is usefull in M4L in general.
  • gb.M4L.launchpadMatrixBuffer ease the recalling of led patterns, or is used to create “layers of leds”
  • gb.M4L.launchpadMultislider makes the launchpad behave as a max multislider.
  • launchpadSwatch simplifies the color selection.

A series of Max For Live examples devices are included.

Enjoy !