Jazz Chords

I was trying to learn and memorize all the jazz chords in root form, 1st 2nd and 3rd substitution. I was looking for a small prgram to practice and learn. There was nothing to be found.

That’s why I made it.


You select the chord(s) you want to practice by choosing

  • One or more root notes.
  • The type of chord you ant to practice (M m, M7 m7 7, m7b5 dim, or all of them)
  • The substitution (root, 1st 2nd 3rd or all of them).

You press space to initialize.

The program ask you to play one chord on your midi keyboard. If you play it correctly, it ask for the next. If not, the wrong notes are shown on the screen.

If you want to pass to the next chord (because no midi keyboard is connected for example) just press space.

Be carefull which octave you are playing on, the program only works one one specific octave.